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Engagement Ring

Whether you’re interested in a simple solitaire engagement ring or a stunning halo-style ring, there are plenty of ways to make a statement. The key is to choose a style that’s perfect for you, and then shop around for the best deal.


Adding a Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring is an eye catching and stylish way to add sparkle. This is a trend that isn’t going anywhere and is sure to catch your eye. You can also combine it with different designs or styles.

The best part about a hidden halo is that it makes the center stone look bigger. This is especially true if you choose a large diamond. When a diamond is surrounded by a halo, it looks to be about 15 percent larger.

The halo can be a simple pave design or be a complex basket setting. Some people like the pave design because it gives the center stone more sparkle. However, you should be cautious when purchasing a hidden halo because it can be fragile. If you opt for a more complicated design, you should keep in mind that you will have to find a band that will accommodate the halo.

The other thing about a halo is that it can be a budget-friendly option. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to create a hidden halo. You can get a beautiful ring for much less than you would think.

Another great feature about a hidden halo is that you can mix and match your band with a variety of metals. You can have a gold band for an antique look or a platinum band for a more modern feel.

Size of diamond

Having the oval cut diamond in a hidden halo can add a little extra oomph to your Halo Emerald Cut Engagement Rings. The hidden halo will enhance the look of your center stone while preserving the sleek lines of your ring.

The hidden halo can be part of a basket setting or it can be a delicate and understated band. The halo can be made of any metal and can come in a variety of styles. Unlike the halo of a solitaire, the hidden halo will give you an additional sparkle without having to pay a fortune.

Oval diamonds are known to be beautiful and a great value. These diamonds are GIA certified, and the high polished finish will show off the intricate craftsmanship of the ring. The clarity of these diamonds is also excellent.

Oval diamonds are known for their versatility and they look good in just about any setting. Whether you want a minimalist look or a classic antique style, there is an oval shaped diamond ring to match your style.

The oval cut is a shape that is elongated and rounded, which creates a unique and eye catching look. It is also less susceptible to chipping. In addition, the oval cut will make your hands appear smaller. It is also one of the best shapes to use in a halo setting.

Style options

Adding a hidden halo to an oval engagement ring is an effective way to add sparkle and dimension. You can choose to incorporate it with a traditional setting or mix metals for a modern look.

The hidden halo can be created in a variety of settings, including beneath the center stone’s girdle, under the side of the band, and before the prongs. You can also use it to accent a solitaire, creating an unexpected twist on the classic halo.

The emerald-cut diamond in this ring has a halo of tiny diamonds underneath. The halo looks delicate and elegant from the top.

The Mason Plunge ring features a sculptural hidden halo. The ring sits low to the ground, with the design’s main function being to provide the ring with the lowest possible profile. The ring has a round diamond on a white gold band with a pave setting and French beading.

The hidden halo works with all diamond shapes and cuts. It’s an understated but effective method of making the center stone stand out. You can also create a dazzling effect with two tone hidden halos.

Hidden halos can be small pave diamonds placed in the halo or a large basket of stones. The resulting silhouette is beautiful and adds an unexpected touch of uniqueness. However, be careful to avoid intricate micropave details that can cause loose diamonds.

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