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Celina Landari

Celina Landari is one of the best models in Indonesia, and she is one of the most sought-after in the world. The model has worked with some of the biggest modeling agencies in the world and has appeared in numerous commercials and fashion shows. Her busy schedule has included appearances in various magazines, runway shows, charity events, and more.

Celina Landari is an Indonesian model

Celina Landari is an Indonesian model who has made quite an impact on the fashion industry. She started her modeling career at a very young age and is now considered one of the top models in Indonesia. She has appeared in several fashion shows and advertisements around the world. She has also worked with some of the top modeling agencies in the world. Her busy schedule includes shoots for various magazines, charity events, runway shows, and commercials.

In addition to being one of Indonesia’s most successful models, Celina also has a background in acting. She is also a successful television star, having appeared in several movies. Celina has won several awards for her modeling and acting work and is currently based in London.

She is a Valentino-Corleone model

Celina Landari is a 27-year-old model based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has an average height of 176 cm and a long torso, which makes her a perfect fit for Valentino-Corleone’s ad campaign. The model also loves art and films.

The model is known as Global Brand Ambassador of the brand. The Indonesian national is the face of the brand and has a lot of experience in the industry. She has also received many awards. One of them is the World Model of the Year award from Valentino-Corleone.

She enjoys riding hot air balloons

Celina Landari, a model from Indonesia, is a fan of riding hot air balloons and is one of the most popular models in the country. She has also enjoyed the experience as a child and is planning to go ballooning again. While riding hot air balloons, she will get to see Bali from a different perspective. After all, what better way to see the island than from the sky?

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She has represented Indonesia in several international competitions

Celina Landari is an Indonesian model who has represented the country in several international competitions. Despite her young age, she has achieved international fame and is an exemplary example of what an Indonesian model can achieve. The model has also been recognized for her social activism. She uses her modeling career as a platform to raise awareness about various important issues. She also demonstrates that anything is possible if you have the right attitude.

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She is not interested in becoming an influencer or actor

Modeling is Celina Landari’s main focus. She has been in various modeling competitions, representing Indonesia and winning numerous awards in the favorite model category. A charismatic, yet not arrogant individual, she has been able to successfully break into the international modeling scene. Her success has drawn the attention of leading fashion brands worldwide, despite her young age.

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