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The brands and companies we are all familiar with these days actually became “household” names through careful analysis and strategic marketing. This doesn’t happen by accident or luck, but as a result of social listening tools and social media measurement in a highly specialized business to business industry, led by highly effective and successful companies like NetBaseQuid. 

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In the simplest of terms, social media measurement and social listening tools are at the heart of social media analytics which can determine the popularity of a brand or of a company and ultimately lead to higher sales as well as stronger brand loyalty by extracting information from various social media channels. This can include everything from blogs, message boards, general websites and news sites to social networking sites such as Twitter, even direct phone call conversation. As a result, the successful use of social listening tools and social media marketing strategies by a company or a brand is accurately determined.

The online process begins by gathering data from different websites and then performing analysis based on various metrics, including time spent on the page, click through rate, content share, comments and even text analytics to identify positive or negative reactions to a brand or company. This, in turn, helps establish goals and expected outcomes of marketing efforts. The use of a variety of metrics can then suggest possible social strategies to reach the intended goal.

Next, it’s important to design strategies in setting up configuration tools which make the process of collecting the data more efficient. Then the strategies and tools are deployed in real-time by conducting Quality Assurance tests. After the QA tests are complete, the data collected from the system is analyzed and refined to ensures the results obtained are aligned with the original goals.

Utilizing “Keyword” software will search through countless thousands of website comment pages, social media blogs and message boards and comments left on competitor’s home pages about their products and services offer, often with reviews that expose the good… and the bad. This is market research gold!

 But It’s Not Just Online 

Social or Conversation Intelligence, which is a unique blend of qualitative and quantitative research, can help identify and determine the best reaction to signals in regular verbal communications.

For businesses, actual spoken conversations between a sales team and its prospects are essential. Conversation intelligence tools allow your business to capture your customer communications through various mediums such as phone call recordings and transcriptions. This allows a “revisit” of conversations in order to glean valuable information about what customers really want and need.

Conversation intelligence software lets your team review customer communications to spot trends and patterns that have to do with frequently asked questions or customer concern points. Using tools like call transcriptions, scoring, and keyword detection, your team can isolate data to determine customer sentiment as well as the all-important length of the call time spent before the customer is finally sold. It’s easy to see how such tools can streamline your team’s ability to reduce the overall time needed to landing the sale.

Of course, NetBaseQuid leads the industry in building, growing and even protecting company brands with a variety of services and capabilities, including determining through the use of numerous programs, like social listening tools, exactly why a brand is being mentioned in social media and how it is resonating by using two combined metrics to determine what is known as overall Brand Passion; Net Sentiment and Passion Intensity. Net Sentiment analysis will reveal consumer emotions, whether positive or negative, while Passion Intensity determines the strength of consumer emotions.

Without a doubt, that kind of intelligence will enhance any company’s performance.

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