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It can seem as though maintaining intimacy is a difficult task for a couple if they have missed anything in the past. Nonetheless, if you are consistent with it, we don’t expect you to ever run into this type of difficulty. In case you feel that you are not experiencing The Spark you were expecting in your relationship, then I suggest that you choose something new this time. That’s right, you’ve heard that right. In this moment, there are several questions that may be troubling you, and you feel that you can attempt all of them at the same time. Instead of focusing on others, try having fun with funny couples bets instead.

You are right, that’s what I meant. As we proceed into this blog post, we will share with you some useful ideas through which you will not only be able to maintain the spark in your relationship, but also be able to make your partner fully aware of your expectations. On occasion, we may not be able to tell our partners the truth very clearly, and in that instance, we may be looking for an alternative. There are a lot of of Funny bets for couples that will prove to be helpful as an alternative to you this time. Let me begin by saying we will begin without wasting any time so that you and your partner will be able to have that same spark you are missing between you and your partner.

Consider these betting ideas:-

Listed below are some funny couple bets that will make your special day fun and memorable.

Dinner will be made by the loser:

This is the best one to choose if you know that your partner doesn’t know how to cook, but you still want him or her to learn how to cook. Ensure you are going to win by making sure you are specific about something. You can have your partner go to the store and prepare dinner for you, which is sure to make you smile.

You have to kiss Loser in front of everyone:

Choosing this is a good idea if your spouse won’t confess his or her feelings in front of others. Make it very clear that this is the thing on which you will succeed. During that time, you can focus on this reward. You will have to kiss them too if they confess their feelings in public. Couples can have so much fun with these fun bets.

Loser will take loser shopping:

Shopping is something that everyone likes to do, particularly women. Women are just crazy about shopping. It is best to plan an outing to the mall if you know that your husband will not win the bet this time. Just tell your partner that the two of you need to go shopping with you.

Next year’s trip will be planned by the winner:

You and your partner may want to take a trip, but your partner won’t let you decide the destination. Make a bet on the destination. You will also be given the opportunity to plan your next trip if you win a bet. Because you have won, your partner will not be able to deny it.

Loser needs to clean the house entirely:

Putting a bet on something and knowing that your partner will clean all the mess around the house is like a punishment. Cleaning sometimes appears to be a difficult task for you. If the situation is so, then put a bet over something and you can be sure that your partner will tidy everything up.

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