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You probably are a gamer if you are searching for the best safe ROM site in 2022. If your ROM or emulator isn’t working correctly and you want to play your favorite game, we understand how frustrating it can be. Even so, finding a good ROM is one of the first steps to getting a game to run on an emulator.

There are many websites that offer downloadable ROMs that are infected with viruses, so make sure you download them safely. We’ve written an ultimate guide on how to ensure you safely download ROMs and ensure you have a high quality motherboard, which will enhance your gaming experience.

Internet Safety Guide for Downloading ROMs

It is highly risky to download anything from the internet. There are many risky softwares and other things on the internet that can steal your data and harm your system. When you download anything from the web, use caution. Downloading anything from a site that’s untrustworthy or insecure is never a good idea.

You should never download anything from a website requesting you to download some sort of software. It’s usually just a way for hackers to gain access to your computer.
Downloaded ROMs will typically be compressed packages with a .zip extension.
.exe files are executable files for windows systems and could potentially be malicious software, so never click on them.

ROM Safest Sites of 2022

1. Romspedia

Romspedia is the place to go if you’re looking for games for PSP, Nintendo Wii, like Spiderman 3, Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart. This site has an impressive collection of ROMs. If you visit the homepage of the website, you will see the original artworks of the games, as well as some of the best emulators, such as NDS and Pretendo.

This website has a large collection of ROMs. Roms for IOS and Android are available in addition to the originals. You will find BIOS such as Nintendo and GBA, as well as a blog if you have any questions. We will also provide you with some information about the games, such as the region of the ROM file, the date of its release, and its genre.


There are a lot of retro games on this website. If you are a 90’s kid, then you won’t be disappointed once you visit this site. Among the many consoles included on this site are MAME, Atari, SNES, GBA, NES and many more. Android and iOS are also supported.

3. Romsplanet

ROMsPlanet is one of the largest resources for emulating consoles and video games. Users can download the software. Nintendo, Playstation, GameBoy Color, Sega or many other ROM games and consoles are available For good reason, many people are worried about downloading ROMs. Numerous platforms offer retro games, which are all the rage. Many of these sites have a limited selection, while others contain viruses or malware. Downloaders of free ROMs are legitimately concerned.
RomsPlanet double-checks every file before giving it to the visitors. You don’t have to worry about surprises. You will only find clean ROMs and emulators on RomsPlanet. So you can rest easy.

4. Romsopedia

Romsopedia is the safest website to find ROMs. You can find emulators and retro gaming there. Romsopedia has any game you might imagine to be available for download. The list starts with Super Mario World on this site. Nintendo’s Mario is an icon of modern pop culture, a timeless classic of ROM games. You’ll be amazed at how simple Mario games are. When it comes to rescuing the princess, watch out! This is a very addictive game!


ROM sites like Gamulator are among the best on the internet. The site offers access to over 20 different game ROMs. Other consoles have ROM files available for download as well. In fact, you can only find a few games in various emulator folders. Gamulator also offers a direct download link for downloading or installing the games. Alternatively, you can use the download manager to download the games.

You can also download emulators and bios from the website. On the Gamulator website, you can search for games by tag or category. Gamulator lets you download ROMs for your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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