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The girlfriend of Idubbbz. Idubbbz (Ian Carter) and Anisa Jomha are both Youtube Streamers and friends.
iDubbbz, also known as Ian J. Carter, is a YouTube personality who was famous for a wide range of reasons. Besides being a comedian, he is best known for creating the YouTube channels iDubbzTV2 and iDubbbzgames as well as comedy series Cop, Bad unboxing, and Kickstarter crap. The number of his followers is more than 7.9 million and 1.38 billion.

When he began his career?

Anisa Jomha
With his career beginning with content cop series highlights other YouTube channels and along with other YouTube channels, Ian started out. As a critic, he critiqued the owner’s social media behavior as well as their content. Thus, he began with his passion and developed it into a profession. The first thing we noticed was that he was very dedicated to his job and that he was very enthusiastic about everything.

Who is Ian Carter(Idubbbz)?

He received recognition for his iDubbbz videos and has now become a YouTube personality. Ian Carter was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1990. He became famous for releasing videos for a number of reasons.
His YouTube channel has numerous comedy shows and he has a number of other channels. His channel has more than a billion views because he has a really large fan following and subscribers.

About Ian carter Content Cop

Anisa Jomha
His family and even his childhood are not well known since he hasn’t shared much about them. His childhood days and journey have been detailed in many interviews.  The series he began with when he started his career was called ‘Content Cop‘, and he did not know at the time that it would grow to be so popular and famous.
Along with this series, he also began other series. It was so well received and appreciated. He was also surprised because he was just working hard for all the channels he was running at the time. Many people have noticed his works and appreciated them, but also became fans of his works.

About Ian carter childhood

He has said on numerous occasions that it was his childhood when he had made up his mind that he had to go into the creative field. Since he got indulged in the things he wanted to do, he was able to do what he wanted without having to worry about what others thought. His life was spent mostly alone and he indulged in the creative field which uplifted his spirit and uplifting his life
Life is full of opportunities, but only those who put their hearts and souls into it will be able to take advantage of them. As a child, I had the chance to experience a wide range of things. I was able to improve my quality of life through exposure to those things. That’s why I treasure my childhood memories, while I love the present as well. So life was full of wonder and the best days when earning was one of the most enjoyable things you could do.

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