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Touching a nonmagical weapon will turn it into a magical weapon. Select a damage type from among the following options: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. In addition, when the weapon is used for the duration, it will grant the user a +1 bonus to attack rolls, as well as deal an additional 1d4 damage of the chosen type when it does so.
Higher Levels of Education. Whenever you cast this spell by using a spell slot of level 5, 6’s, or even a spell slot slot of level 9, the bonus you receive on attack rolls increases to +2, which results in an increase in the extra damage to 2d4’s as well. The bonus increases to +3 if you use a spell slot of 7th level or higher, which, therefore, means that the extra damage increased to 3d4 once you used the spell slot.

Elemental Weapon 5e

As long as the basic weapon is at least of “rare” rarity, it may grant you resistance to the opposing damage type on the preceding chart. Radiant Warhammers increase your resistance to necrotic damage, for example. A weapon of this type does less damage as if it were of a rarity category 2 lower.
The elemental weapon spell is a third level spell that increases a weapon’s hit probability and damage output by +1d4. This spell may be raised by adding another 2SL for an additional +1/+1d4. Apart from that, the spells are mostly the same. A player’s handbook will typically have this information on the 237th page.

The Elemental Weapons Spell in 5e: An Overview

In fact, one of the nonmagical weapons that you touched would turn into a magical weapon in the event that you touched it. If you wish to use this Dnd 5e Elemental Weapon Spell then you will need to choose between one of the following damage types such as acid, cold, fire, lightning, or perhaps thunder.

Whenever the 5e weapon hits, it deals 1d4 additional damage of a selected type, plus a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

A powerful elemental weapon is possessed by each prophet who leads a cult of Elemental Evil. The elemental evil essence is imbued in these potent objects. As well as being useful in battle, these keys allow prophets to channel the power of the basic nodes and open the planes’ boundaries. As well as making weapons wielders worse, they twist their minds towards evil ends.


As a result of their elemental power, the cults have amassed more magic items than would be normal for a group of their size, but there aren’t enough for every cultist to possess one. Cult members of the Howling Hatred, for example, would all love to soar on the wind, but only a few members possess a magical power or item that confers that blessing.

As narrow as one inch wide, the basic can pass through without squeezing. When within 5 feet of the basic, an attacker who hits it with a melee attack suffers 9 (2d8) acid damage. It can also enter a hostile creature’s space and stay there. A creature takes 9 (2d8) acid damage the first time it enters its space on a turn.

The majority of earth elementals are comprised of stone and earth,

but metal elementals are stronger and more durable. It even allows them to reorganize their limbs at will to decide how they will attack their enemies. The three arms of the metal elemental can wield slashing blades, piercing spikes, or massive bludgeons.

Elements as weapons in 5e
1 action was filmed
Touching: Range
Components: V and S
Duration: Concentration for up to an hour
Yes, scales
Casters: Artificer, Paladin

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