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Whenever you touch one of the beasts that you are close to or charmed by, you establish a telepathic connection with it. In the case where the intelligence of the beast is greater than 4, the spell doesn’t work. If you and the beast are within line of sight of each other throughout the duration of the spell, then the link is active. With telepathic communication, the beast is able to understand your telepathic messages to her, and it is capable of communicating simple emotions and ideas to you back through the link. Unless you disable the link, then the beast gains a slight advantage on attack rolls against any creature that is within 5 feet of you and that you can see.

It was discovered in ancient texts that by touching a creature, either a friendly one or one that had been rendered docile through other magic, the spells created a link lasting for up to ten minutes, so long as the caster kept concentrating, and thus the creature remained within line of vision of the caster. Animals that are connected in this way are capable of understanding basic telepathic messages and commands, as well as responding with basic emotional cues. It was also evident that this creature was more capable of protecting its master. The spell did not work on animals with a high level of intelligence.

Beast Bond 5e

Beast Bond 5e
Play Time: 1 action
Amount: Touch
The three components are V, S, and M
Time: Concentration, up to 10 minutes
No scales
Spellcasters: Druid, Ranger

‘Beast bond’ is a divination spell that allows the caster to establish a brief telepathic connection with an animal for a short period of time.

The beast bond spell gives you a telepathic link with a beast that you have touched or charmed as the beast is more friendly towards you when you touch it. In order for the spell to succeed, the beast’s intelligence must be at least 4, otherwise it fails. While you and also the beast are both within the line of sight of each other, the link will be active for the time being until the spell is complete.

With that link, you can telepathically communicate with the beast,

and it will understand your telepathic messages, as well as communicate back to you its simple emotions. Once the link is active, however, any creatures within 5 feet of you who you are ready to see within that range will gain an advantage on attack rolls.

An animal companion is imprinted with a rust-colored handprint and a hoof, paw, or claw print by its master using this paste. There is a bond between these brands that is based on friendship and balance, not ownership or subservience.

Each master and companion must perform a full-round action to apply the brand. This brand enables druids, wizards, and other classes with animal companions, or familiars, to cast spells that have a range of 30 feet to hit a marked animal companion as long as the character features a line of effect to the marked animal companion.

Even just RAW I argue within the Beast Master’s favor. The fifth edition D&D ranger at the core excels at exploration and does so with aplomb. Both archetypes offer combat applications but in several ways. The Hunter gets more explicitly aggressive combat abilities. What the Beast Master gets won’t be extra damage through free attacks, but instead gains a loyal protector through which to deliver their attacks.

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