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Anxiety affects everyone differently; however, there are several common tell-tale signs that your body might give you as a warning that it is time to intervene and seek therapy.

Here are the tell-tale signs:


Untreated anxiety can penetrate through the mind and body and affect the quality of sleep. You might want to opt for anxiety therapy maryland if you have been struggling with quite some time now. Stress and anxiety take a serious toll on one’s mental health to the point they might start to lose sleep and have insomnia.

Anxiety also reflects in different ways in one’s sleeping patterns, where they might fidget in their sleep or wake up multiple times during the night. They might fall asleep but wake up too early, unable to fall asleep again.

Everyone can suffer from a bad night’s sleep now and then, but if it turns into a pattern, you might want to get in touch with a psychotherapist and get things sorted out. The therapist will help you integrate the right coping mechanism to help you get better sleep at night and release the tension in your body and mind.


Mental Fatigue

Another sign that you are suffering from anxiety is the fact that you are always exhausted. Understandably, much of this can be linked to the fact that you don’t sleep well; however, if you are getting enough sleep but struggle with getting out of your bed the next morning, then anxiety could be one of the main reasons.

If you are experiencing mental tiredness to the point where you feel fatigued every day, then it can be related to untreated anxiety. Feeling anxious often causes a fight-or-flight response in the body and mind, which can cause the energy to drain to the point of making you feel chronically fatigued.

Your Stomach Hurts

Stress and anxiety can affect the guts to the point where one might develop digestive issues that never go away. If this sounds familiar to you, you might want to opt for anxiety therapy manhattan ny, so you can improve your mental and physical health.

In case you are wondering why you develop digestive issues, you should know that the brain is linked with the gut, which means that if you are stressed or anxious, your brain is on high alert, which then sends stress signals to your gut, causing your body to flood with cortisol – the stress hormone.

So, you might want to opt for treatment to get your upset stomach in order.

You Become Withdrawn

If you have been the life of the party, but now you have become more socially withdrawn, it is a tell-tale sign that you are overly anxious. Anxiety and stress can cause people to shun the world, which makes them withdraw to their shell or the four walls of their house.

You might have cut out your close friend’s circle and stopped going out altogether to the point of a social phobia. That said, if you have been canceling appointments more frequently than not, then you might want to opt for therapy to get the anxiety out of your system.

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