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Toronto window cleaner

The job of a Toronto window cleaner is not a solitary one. While Coldea has been in the business for two years, Estrada is only three months old. Nevertheless, she’s already learnt the ins and outs of the business. During her brief tenure, Estrada has been treated to sweeping city views, extreme weather, and vignettes of condo life. She’s even witnessed the antics of the neighbourhood’s cats and dogs.

Job description

In Toronto, a window cleaner job description will describe the duties of a professional in this industry. These individuals will use various equipment to clean windows and glass surfaces, which includes a non-abrasive glass cleaning solution, water, and rubber squeegee blades. They will also adapt their window-cleaning techniques according to the type of glass. They will also use a scrim or microfiber cloth to dry the edges of the glass and toweling cloths to remove moisture from the window sills. These professionals often operate an aerial boom lift and are responsible for maintaining adequate supplies.

While most window cleaners work on earthbound windows, there is also a high-rise window-cleaning position that requires a narrow platform. These positions are found on buildings like the CN Tower and Scotia Plaza. They work between May and November. During this season, workers will have to be prepared to endure the wind and bugs that thrive in such environments.

Safety equipment

Window cleaners in Toronto need to use fall protection equipment when working high up. A recent incident happened at a window washing company in Toronto when a swing stage collapsed. The window washers were at the top of a high-rise building when it fell on them, sending them hundreds of feet into the air. Luckily, both window washers were wearing harnesses, and the firefighters were able to rescue them.

Safety equipment is also critical for those working with water-fed poles. Water can spill out from these poles and injure the operator. It can also cause slip and trip hazards, especially in icy conditions.

Training process

If you’re interested in a job as a Toronto window cleaner, there’s a training process that you need to go through. This process can take up to two weeks and includes three days of safety training. It also involves getting some hands-on experience in cleaning windows. In addition, it will require you to be organized and consistent with your work.

A good Toronto window cleaner will be able to clean skyscrapers. This type of work requires specialized equipment and skills, and there are many potential risks. It’s important to choose a company that has the right equipment and is capable of handling large projects safely.


Toronto window cleaner rates depend on several factors, including the size of the house and number of windows. These factors influence the prices, which range from $5 to $10 per window pane. Residential window cleaning in Toronto can also be done on commercial buildings, but the cost will vary accordingly. The average price for a two-storey non-corner home is $125, while prices for high-rise buildings can reach up to $200. Additional services, such as eaves cleaning, can also be added to the bill and can lower the cost.

A window cleaning service will use the appropriate tools to thoroughly clean the glass surfaces. In addition, they will detail the surrounding area, including tracks and sills. They will also know how to reach any window, regardless of its height. Some types of windows require higher cleaning rates, however, as they are more difficult to reach and more dangerous to clean.

Company that provides service

Having your windows cleaned by a professional window cleaner is an important part of keeping your property clean. These cleaning services have the right tools for the job and know how to reach even the highest windows. They can also clean the tracks and sills of your windows, making them more accessible than you might think.

A Toronto window cleaner company can provide exceptional service at affordable prices. They offer a variety of packages that can be tailored to fit your budget and window size. Some companies charge per window pane, while others charge by the hour.

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