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The caster of Shocking grasp had his hand charged with a great deal of energy that he could use to hurt the foe he touched. This effect would be more severe on foes that had metal in their bodies
Using this trick you are going to be able to release a flash of lightning from your hand and it will deliver a shock to the creature you are trying to touch. If you would like to form a melee spell attack that ought to be directed at the opposite side of the target, you may do so.
You have a plus when it comes to an attack roll if the target is wearing armor that is made from metal. On a successful point, the target is subjected to 1d8 lightning damage.  But it cannot take a reaction until it is entering its next turn.

Shocking Grasp 5e

Grasp 5e – Shocking
Duration of one action: 1 minute
Touching: Range
The following components are involved: V, S
Time: Instantaneous

During higher levels:

The Shocking Grasp 5e spell has increased damage by 1d8. So once you reach the 5th level, the damage increases to 2d8.
As you reach the 11th level, you will suffer 3d8 damage. And as you reach the 17th level, you will suffer 4d8 damage.
I will try again if you don’t mind. Based on the not too unrealistic numbers stated in post #7. My treatment involving shocking grasp and a metal rod to filter out slimes from a pool of slime has a 121/400 chance of succeeding without any damage done or spell slots spent. An 81/400 chance of failing and taking 1d8, and a 198/400 chance of failing without any complications.
As a rounding error, that’s a 3/10 chance to succeed without taking damage or spending a spell slot. A 2/10 chance to fail and take 1d8 lightning damage. And a 5/10 chance to fail without taking any damage.

The moment it hits,

there is no stopping it. The reaction is gone as soon as you make the melee attack and you’re above their AC and your hit is above their AC. Irrelevant things like injury quantity and lightning immunity do not matter. When a wizard shocks a foe and runs away immediately after. There will be no opportunity for an attack to arise.
In the book of the silver talon, which is the source of information that addresses the ingredients used to make the ink that is used to inscribe shocking grasp into spellbooks, the ingredients are. One ounce of giant octopus ink, one pound of lightning struck wood ash, four drops of water. A powdered sapphire, one pinch of powdered orichalcum, asafetida, gilead balm, ginseng and either masterwort or mac
An oakwood fire was used to burn these herbs, the ash from which was mixed with the ash of the trees during the addition of either copper or white orichalcum to a small bowl. The powdered sapphire and metal were then placed within the last two drops of the last drop of water after. The other two drops of water were added to the bowl and mixed into a paste. The octopus ink had been added to the paste that had been created when all of the ingredients had been stirred together into a paste. And the mixture was brought to a boil while it was constantly stirred.
Adding a Shocking Grasp (or any other attack) to the list of bonus actions may be the most powerful thing you can do. It is also possible that the character could make a melee attack. Or cast another cantrip spell (such as the Poison Spray or Green Flame Blade), effectively doubling their damage potential.

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